That’s the upshot of this weekend.

Over the past few days, I’ve had a slowly growing pain in my right thigh. Like needles, jabbing away, and it really hurts when I bash it into things. By Saturday, it had spread from a single spot to the whole thigh, and it hurt quite a bit. So I called NHS Direct – rather late, I must admit – and they suggested I go to the local hospital. Which is a half hour walk, so I took a taxi.

At one in the morning.

Turns out I don’t have Deep Vein Thrombosis, after all.

No, I have pulled a muscle in my right thigh. The muscle that keeps you sitting upright. “Have you been doing a lot of sitting?” asked the doctor. Yes, I said, yes I have. All day at work, and then all night at home (or for a few hours at least) bashing away at my presentation for Emerging Tech. And it’s not just duration – stress levels are quite high, too, regarding that.

In short: I’ve been sitting too hard.

Then I walked back from the hospital at 1.30am. Which pretty much threw Sunday out of joint.

Web apps – the wrap-up

09 February 2006

Well, that was pretty great. Tom‘s talk was pretty staggering – lots of ideas I’ve been following over the past year or two all coalescing together into one big lump. Very excited by that; really need to sit down and think it over when I’ve got some space. Cal, Joshua, and Ryan were all also excellent; Ryan’s talk especially, given its real-world, raw-data approach. Lots to think about.

I pointed out on the (slightly sarcastic) IRC back channel that it’s not necessarily the individual facts coming out that mattered – many people knew them already (like “don’t forget to cache”, etc) – but the context, the stories, the examples that wrap around them. Context is so important, and the summit put masses into context in a really exciting way. Shame there wasn’t more networking, but I had a good night afterwards, and it was nice to see a few old familiar faces, like Meg and Cal again, as well as meeting Rod for the first time.

My photos from the event are now online. Pretty pleased with the way they came out, given how far I was away from the stage, and how (relatively) slow my lens was.

So I’m going to be at the Carson Systems “Future of Web Apps” summit tomorrow. Looking forward to it a lot, and looking forward to meeting a whole host of new people. If you see a six-foot redhead with a goatee and a quiff, do say hi!