• "My only objection [to the coverage of le Carré's death] would be: not enough discussion about the relationship between le Carré’s greatest character, George Smiley, and his wife, Ann, which plays out over the five novels where George Smiley appears as a central figure and is one of the weirdest portraits of a marriage ever committed to the page. The reasons for this omission are most likely either boring (something to do with expectations of the genre) or depressing (something to do with ambient contempt for women), but it’s nice to think that le Carré’s portrayal of their marriage is not given the attention it is due because it is so strange, to the degree that if you start talking about it you will never stop."

    Every time I try to quote this I end up reading the whole thing again. For Gawker's "Famous Cuckolds" series, Rosa Lyster looks at George and Ann Smiley. It's a wonderful piece of writing about a wonderful writer, and about wonderful writing.

    I viscerally resonated with the way just the thought of having to deal with other people's opinions can make one feel, especially now. Turks and Caicos, indeed.

    Anyhow. Not a waste word, and you get the added bonus of remembering le Carré's own words as you read. Cannot recommend this enough.