29 July 2004

Mac OSX Unix tutorial


28 July 2004

Nintendo DS design and name finalised. It’s a bit shinier now; the block, orthogonal style is very retro. Someone on NTSC-UK referred to it as a “blinged out Game-and-Watch“, which neatly summarises exactly the feel Nintendo wanted, I think.

Torrents of spam

28 July 2004

Raining down, all around me. First my email is slowly acquiring more, and Mail.app appears to be taking stupid pills or something as it misses them all. Now I just got hit by a jet of pure filth in my MT comments, and MT-Blacklist just decided to die on me and probably could do with a reinstall. Why me? Why now? Da fug?

Note to self: re-installing MT-Blacklist and messing with chmod is not the sexy thing to do the evening your girlfriend turns up.

My New Favourite Band

27 July 2004

…for the time being, at least, is the mighty Goldie Lookin’ Chain. Twelve white boys from Newport form a hip-hop collective. Simmer with witty production, slick-as lyrics, a wicked sense of humour and a kicking pair of trainers (well, Hi-Tec Silver Shadows, anyhow), and there you go.

Buy their single next month. It’s called Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do, and it’s very good. It makes sense. You knows it, razzle fuckin’ dazzle…


26 July 2004

Rands In Repose is a great little weblog, with some lovely articles and, of course, the theory of NADD.


26 July 2004


Not entirely convinced

22 July 2004

By this re-design, I mean. I mean, I love the Gill Sans, and I’ve been slowly ironing out wrunkles in the code (though the amount by which the whole site won’t validate is hilariously large), but I’m just not convinced. I’m not sure where to begin; I’ve been reading so many beautiful sites recently and I just cannot see where to take this one. For a start, I like the black and white, and introducing colour to it will be nightmarish. I tried it with a colourful top image, which I liked, but am not sure where to go from here.

Simialrly, the piece-of-paper-on-a-table is OK but not entirely convincing. I might return to being borderless; I kind of liked the expanse of white. Of course, really, I’d like something with borders and colour and lots of whitespace and beautiful text.

But that’s not going to happen.

Possibly, it’s just because creativity is at a low point. Music, writing, design, code; all are stagnating. Life has been very hectic at work, I’m getting fractionally less sleep every night, and it’s really beginning to get to me. Thankfully work is less hectic now, but there are other stresses to add to the picture. I’m not sure whether everything is down to the fact I am a useless designer and have zero web-coding skills, or simply because I’m not in the right frame of mind to deal with stuff like this at the moment. Probably the latter. I hope.

Roll on August. That should be good.


21 July 2004

2004 Bulwer-Lytton contest results are up. I think I prefer this year’s results to last years.

Not scared any more

20 July 2004

Follow the paper trail, it’ll all fall into place. One thing after the other. Just remember to get off before you end up going round in circles.

Still, glad I discovered I had that Plastikman. Had forgotten that entirely.


20 July 2004

The Hansard Society releases its publication “Political Weblogs: Craze or Convention?“. Worth reading, possibly a bit depressing. Link takes you to news page, PDF available from there.