31 August 2003

Now in suburbia. Start work (experience) in London tomorrow for a month; should be fantastic. Can’t wait – not just for the work, but for the chance to live here and work here. Trial run for the future, perhaps…

Still progressing…

29 August 2003

OK, so I pointed out in the last post that I’m now “back” as it were, both in this country, and on the net, etc. But there’s a bit of change afoot; for the next month, I’ll be doing work experience in London, which should be excellent – a whole month in the same department, to get to know the people there and acheive some consistency in what I’m doing. I’m also looking forward to city life, and being near to the art, films, and theatre that excites me so much. And also the people I know there, the friends, and the acquaintances. And finally, it’s a chance to see if I can actually cope with living in the city, which is where I want to settle for a while. A trial run, if you like. Looking forward to it immensely.

(And in between the stop and the start – a week of rest and recharge, with some gloriously silly films (T3, Pirates of the Carribean), and incredible dinner courtesy of The Rowans, and delightful, loving company. Which was just what I needed, even if it was a little brief).

Slight Return

29 August 2003

I’m back in the land of the digital, it would seem. Two weeks were pleasantly passed on Levkas, in Nidri, sailing, eating, drinking, and generally having a lot of fun and a well earned holiday. My sailing improved a fair bit (and I discovered that I’m really not too shabby at it), and a great deal was consumed, including:

  • Filmwise: On the flight out, What A Girl Wants. I watched this without the soundtrack and thus concocted a fantastic plot about Colin Firth’s desire to bed his recently returned American daughter, but somehow I get the feeling this wasn’t what was really going on. What was going on was pretty shit, though. Hideous chocolate-box portrayal of London, bastardisation of the British political system, and general wish fulfilment for twelve-year-old girls, or something. Pretty crap; its portrayal of Henley was surprisingly non-ridiculous, but that’s only because the reality of Henley is so ridiculous anyway…

    On the return, I got the godawful Agent Cody Banks, which I had the misfortune to watch with the soundtrack. Redeeming features: the greatest iPod ever, which not only holds 20gb of music, but also contains a winch that can take a small person’s body weight, and an electronic lock pick. And the fact that everyone at the CIA headquarters travelled around on Segways, which makes for some pretty hilarious scenes. Everything else was execrable. Ian “Lovejoy” McShane trying to take over the world by putting nanomachines into the world’s ice cube supply? Give me a break. And slightly more budget. I swear, CGI has allowed more people to make shitty films with pseudo-expensive specialy effects than ever before.

  • Bookwise: Iain Banks’ Dead Air, which all told, was pretty appalling. Immediately dislikable central character, irrelevant plot, irksome yammering of central character about issues, and very little else to recommend it. September 11th is just really a framing device for the book, not what it’s about, contrary to what the press for it suggested. I also read James Joyce’s Dubliners, which is far far far better, and has some genuinely stunningshort stories in it (though it must be said, not all of them hit the mark).
  • Soundwise: Not a lot new, really. CDs of funky and mellow house to keep me going in the 100F+ temperatures of northern Greece, and the most recent albums of Dizzee Rascal, London Elektricity, and Four Tet. Have just picked up Hed Kandi’s most recent Winter Chill CD along with Jacko’s Off The Wall and Thriller, in yet another HMV sale. It’s going to take me a while to warm to Thriller, I think, but Off the Wall is just mighty.
  • Lots of Greek food. What I sampled of Greek cuisine is just wonderful. Essential, it seems to fuse the freshest, crispest, most beautifully marinated salads with, well, barbeque. Saganaki is just deep-fried feta, but it may as well be the Greek for “good” because it’s so damn nice, and the saganaki mushrooms I had were amazing. Souvlaki is the kebab we know and love; gyros is something more approaching doner but made with real offcuts, not synthetic offal, and is thus super-tasty. And then there’s the beautiful fresh fish and stuff. It’s just all yummy. And fresh. And brilliant. The food was one of the greatest parts of my holiday, I’d guess.

And there we are. I’m back, and shall now do my best to weblog properly or something. Like I always say…


14 August 2003

So, I’m nicely asleep in my hotel bed this morning, having gone back to sleep successfully for the first time all week, when I get woken up, and everything’s shaking. I mean, dude, everything is really shaking. So the three of us hold on to our beds, watch glasses of water spill and lights jiggle, and listen to the sound of smashing.

And a minute later it’s all over and we wander outside the hotel. I’m in Nidri, on the island of Levkas. Forty minutes up the road, Levkas town sits on the epicentre of a 6.4 on the Richter scale earthquake.

Which was all slightly unexpected, but passed off OK. And then the wiund picked up and I bombed around the bay a little. Every now and then, there’s a hint of aftershock. Badum. Badum.

(I am on holiday and it is bloody awesome, but I thought this was worth blogging).

explosive language.

08 August 2003

Typo of the day: semtext. Explosive language, I’d guess.

Off Grid

08 August 2003

I finished at work today. Every summer for the past five years I’ve done the same job, working as a temporary member of the IT support team at the school where my mum teaches. It’s been a way of making a moderate amount of money, in relaxed surroundings with people I like, and I’ve made many friends through it. Despite the heat, despite the slog of transporting 17″ monitors, it’s always been worthwhile. Today, I departed, knowing that with any luck I wouldn’t need to take up a post next summer, because I’d hopefully have a “proper job”. Five summers. In the second summer I picked up my A-Level results; three years later, I’ve finished the degree they secured me. How time flies.

Time has flown every which way really, and I’ve failed to organise any for blogging. I’ve watched a lot of ER and Six Feet Under since I last posted, and the entirety of Paul Abbott’s magnificent State of Play, which I should probably write on more in the future. If you saw it a couple of months back, you’ll know what I mean. Anyhow, I’m now going off-grid for a deserved break. Will be back soon, though, and will probably finally get around to the final touches to this site and that whole “regular posting” malarky. I said probably.


07 August 2003

Martin’s also Switched. Good for him.


06 August 2003

Martin is back on the net and posting again. From America. Go him. And his URL’s easier (or depending on your point of view, harder) to type now.


06 August 2003

He was walking down the street today at 5pm; black jeans, black shirt, heavy black 3/4 length leather jacket, huge black New Rock boots, white foundation, green and blue eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, and nearly-Marilyn Manson haircut.

And I thought…

aren’t you a bit hot?

The summer, it seems, does not happen for goths.


04 August 2003

Halflife2D. It’s like, Halflife meets Metal Slug. It’s genius. And so pretty!