30 March 2005

This is brilliantCeefax.tv is a live search engine to Ceefax, which also makes pages clickable. Great for the cricket score.

Refreshed and restored

27 March 2005

Home for the weekend to recharge batteries, relax, and see old friends. Also, time to plough through a bit more of Cloud Atlas (wonderful, it excites me every time I open it) and hack up a bit of PHP (the del.icio.us links to your right). And now, back to London, to the erecting of shelving, and the daily grind.

(I’ll write up Blogs In Action at a later date).

Beautiful backyard

27 March 2005

Matt Haughey’s backyard is just beautiful. Perhaps could do with more shrubbery, but the colours, oh, the colours. I dream of having a garden. Thankfully, now we’re into BST again, the local park is going to see a lot more use.

del.icio.us now working

25 March 2005

A small amount of hackery later and my del.icio.us links (see right) are now working. They’re not stored in my blog db – it’s just a window on the posts from the most recent day where there were any posts. A little look into what’s going through my digital mind, if you like. If you’re interested in the code, let me know; it’s nothing revolutionary, but hey, it works. Next up: photo-stuff.

Blogs in Action

24 March 2005

Tired as I am of the B word, I’m going along to Blogs in Action tonight – in part out of curiosity, in part on work-grounds. Looking forward to it, if only to hear perspectives from some more corporate angles than often end up being discussed at these things. Also, there’s the whole moblogging angle – Charlie Shick presenting on Nokia Lifeblog, and lots of UK mobile-network people in the audience listening eagerly. Like I said, could be interesting – do say hello if you see me.

One year

23 March 2005

Just realized: I’ve been in my current job – my first “proper” job, so to speak – a whole year now. As years go, it’s been one of the best – lots of new experiences, new skills, new friends. Plus: I’m still solvent! Time evidently flies when you’re having fun.

Dan Brown == Kevin Bacon

23 March 2005

A thought: Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code is the Kevin Bacon of Amazon. People who bought product x it seems, always bought The Da Vinci Code.

Some things are a little broken right now (like, you know, permalinks, etc) because I’ve moved to WordPress. I’m doing my best to fix them as I speak. Slight 34sp.com and mod_rewrite issues, from what I can see…


01 March 2005

Am frustrated. Blacklist is timing out, refusing to let me de-spam; the spam-mound grows higher. Daily, I look at WordPress, contemplating that switch. Then I look at the data I have here and decide I value my sanity more. Some more fixing around the site, today; the articles page now works. Even if it is a little sparse.