20 April 2008

It’s been linked up all over the place, but I may as well link it again: the Guardian are running Gamecamp, a one-day unconference about games and play, on the third of May, and I’m going to be there, cooking up some nefarious quiz-shaped entertainment with some of the usual suspects such as Dan, James, Lee, and a few others.

Obviously, it being an unconference, everyone attending is encouraged to talk, and I’m working on thinking up a session – but about what, I have no idea. Or perhaps I have too many. I’m hoping to do something along the lines of tight criticism – something detailed and focused. And I’m not sure what sort of games to talk about yet. But I’ll work something out, and I’m looking forward to what the other participants will bring.

Like most events suffixed -camp, it’s going to sell out fast. Tickets are available from Monday April 21st. If you’re interested in coming, good luck getting one. It’ll be fun to see you – and if you’re interested, I’ll gladly corner someone for a game of Lost Cities

In control @ GameCity

19 October 2006

Plug time! I’m going to be running a panel discussion at GameCity in Nottingham next Friday. Entitled “Tom Armitage Is In Control” (I swear, not entirely my idea), it should be an interesting chat with some folks developing for modern consoles and using – or making – innovative input devices. The blurb from the site runs thus:

The latest generation of consoles show just how far games technology has come since the 1970s. At the same time, the input devices we play games with have barely changed in three decades from those old sticks and paddles. Is that lack of change due to a lack of creativity? Or a fear of the new? Right now, controller design is a hot topic – games such as Guitar Hero are driving a resurgence in peripheral-oriented titles, and Nintendo has revolutionised the way we think about input devices for consoles with its DS and Wii. What does the future hold? What are the challenges ahead for gamers and developers alike? This panel discussion will discuss these questions, and more.

Should be fun, I hope. And I might be around in the evening doing more fun things with Guitar Hero (which might include, but are not limited to, playing Godzilla on Expert). If you’re coming along, drop us an email.

So I’m going to be at the Carson Systems “Future of Web Apps” summit tomorrow. Looking forward to it a lot, and looking forward to meeting a whole host of new people. If you see a six-foot redhead with a goatee and a quiff, do say hi!