28 May 2004

Staring into the Singularity. Finally beginning to understand this concept now. A bit.

econ style guide

28 May 2004

The Economist Style Guide.


28 May 2004

If you’re a New Statesman reader, you might now be interested to know that their contents page is available as an RSS feed. You can get an update of the week’s content straight to your feed reader the moment it’s published online. Nice.


27 May 2004

Surely Thinkgeek are wrong? If it’s you and dead people, then it’s 57006 +1, which is 57007 people. If it’s just the dead people, it’s 57006. Or am I being an idiot here? [via brooke]


27 May 2004

Paintings by Wayne White. You’ll know him from the cover of Lambchop’s Nixon. Beautiful, almost Pablo-Ferro-esque text lovingly inserted into thrift-store paintings. His appreciation for lighting and reflection is especially marvellous. [via interconnected]


26 May 2004

Memo to self: must play Hipbone games. This kind of thing is seriously, seriously, interesting.


26 May 2004

On Fornication And Genetics in The Breedster Age. The Breedster fellows take a look at what happened, with some rather interesting graphics to back up their findings. The 10000×10000 image of the entire network’s copulogram is amazing.

retracting pens

24 May 2004

So sexy: Namiki retracting fountain pens. Lovely. We wants the precious…


21 May 2004

Beer. Butt. Chicken. Grill . Words fail me.


19 May 2004

Cute Apple design feature of the day: the first USB port on this Powerbook is directly in line with the Caps Lock key. Makes it easy to find the socket without even looking. That can’t be coincidence, right?