Game over

18 November 2005

Interesting post to the list, following London Web Frameworks Night. It addresses the image problem Perl has, and the marketing it needs to do. In short, Perl itself is fine, and it has some a few advantages (eg CPAN, DBI) to Ruby/Python, but it sure needs to sell itself better. [As spooled earlier today.]

PA on Rails

15 November 2005

Penny Arcade redesign and annouce that they’re now running on Rails. Good for them. Knowing how popular PA is, this could be the real test of whether or not “it will scale”…


10 November 2005

Right now, my mouth stinks, my throat hurts, my nose runs, my eye itches, and my head swells. I want a head transplant. Now.

Petteri pontificates

08 November 2005

Petteri’s Pontifications is a lovely site (though I have no idea if it has a real domain or not); an amateur photographer providing interesting opinion and technique examples. It’s more discursive and artistic than the relentless technicalities so many amateur forums like to go into. This essay, the Faithful 50, on the magic allure of c.50mm lenses, is a highlight for me. Lots to go back to when I get a DSLR – and a reminder, the next time I’m home, to pick up my faithful Minolta and attach the gorgeous Rokkor 52mm f1.8 to it. I’ve missed grown-up cameras.

Brain slowly changing gear

08 November 2005

A short while later, and I’m slowly shifting up, back out of holiday mode. The 280-odd new posts in NetNewsWire are all out of the way. Some interesting stuff – in particular, MacDara’s new look, which is interesting and a little niggling, as it’s a fair bit of the way toward where infovore should be shortly going (though mine will be slightly less chaotically ‘tumbly’) – and also Matt’s recent work for the BBC, which he mentioned at the last Rails/Django meetup. It’s a shame that the London Web Frameworks Day is full – it wasn’t open for registration prior to the holiday, and I’m a bit peeved it’s full. Ah well, there’s still the usual meetup.

My brain’s also beginning to buzz a little, following a whole lot of exciting ideas I had on holiday. Now I’m back, I’ve got the tools to realise them, and also a few more things on the backburner, and it’s all a little bewildering. I’m sure a night’s sleep and a day at work will bring clarity – and a short sharp dose of reality.


06 November 2005

So far:

  • Heating on
  • Email sorted
  • Spam deleted
  • Dinner eaten
  • News watched

Now to: unpack, put some washing on, get 140-odd photos into iPhoto, write something more meaningful about France.

In short, though: fun.