Brain slowly changing gear

08 November 2005

A short while later, and I’m slowly shifting up, back out of holiday mode. The 280-odd new posts in NetNewsWire are all out of the way. Some interesting stuff – in particular, MacDara’s new look, which is interesting and a little niggling, as it’s a fair bit of the way toward where infovore should be shortly going (though mine will be slightly less chaotically ‘tumbly’) – and also Matt’s recent work for the BBC, which he mentioned at the last Rails/Django meetup. It’s a shame that the London Web Frameworks Day is full – it wasn’t open for registration prior to the holiday, and I’m a bit peeved it’s full. Ah well, there’s still the usual meetup.

My brain’s also beginning to buzz a little, following a whole lot of exciting ideas I had on holiday. Now I’m back, I’ve got the tools to realise them, and also a few more things on the backburner, and it’s all a little bewildering. I’m sure a night’s sleep and a day at work will bring clarity – and a short sharp dose of reality.

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  • MacDara | 8 Nov 2005

    What did I do to get all this attention?! First I get an e-mail from Jason Kottke, then mentions on a handful of well-regarded blogs… it’s all going to my head!

    Seriously, you would be amazed at how jerry-rigged it is. As for the ‘chatoically tumbly’ nature of it, I don’t expect it to be as chaotic as a proper tumblelog (if there is such a thing as a ‘proper’ tumblelog), but I did want to make it a bit more of a stream of consciousness. It will evolve over time, I expect.