A Game Is…

31 July 2008

Lots of brain-food and notes to come from Develop, but in the meantime, this cracker from Matt Southern’s session:

“a game is an exercise of voluntary control systems in which there is an opposition between forces, confined by a procedure and rules in order to produce a disequilbrial outcome

(Elliott Avedon and Brian Sutton Smith; emphasis mine.)

Caxton in Hi-Def

30 January 2008

Spotted in Eurogamer’s review of Rez HD:

Back in the day we said of the original: ‘When Rez eventually turns up cheaply it will become indispensable, but until then it’s a luxury.’ Xbox Live Arcade is, then, our modern printing press: digital distribution transforming the expensive and exclusive into the affordable and inclusive.

Emphasis mine. I liked that quite a lot.

Eliel Saarinen

26 June 2007

“[objects should be design in their] next largest context – a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, environment in a city plan.”

This quotation has emerged several times in the past few weeks. Every time it feels more and more pertinent. Read it; remember it; it is important.

Agile Webs with Rails

22 November 2005

Quotation of the day, from a colleague walking past my desk:

“I wish we could find a way of developing agile webs. On rails.”

I’d left my copy of the Agile book out.