Snow Day: Photographs

02 February 2009

And, to follow up the video, here are the photographs from today’s trip to the village for Jaffa Cakes.

Snow Day

02 February 2009

A walk through the park to pick up provisions, with a camera in tow. A few jitters from iMovie’s stabilisation combined with the D90’s slightly awkward panning.

Arrows of Love at the Scala

26 October 2008

The week before I went away, I went along to the Scala to see the first “proper” show from Arrows of Love, a band formed out of the ashes of Hush The Many (Heed the Few), who I’d been following for a good year or two. They were supported by the Eraserheads, a fun set from Beans On Toast, and an amazing, raucous set from Wild Boar, otherwise known as “Ed Harcourt’s Loud Side Project”. It was a fun night, and whilst I’m still going to miss Hush The Many, Arrows of Love had a lot of promise, especially in their new material. I’m looking forward to their next show.

I took along my camera.

Some photographs from last week, when I went to see Gotye at Bush Hall last week, supported by the excellent Rod Thomas.

I love taking photographs of gigs; I think it might be my favourite genre to work in. I’ll never go purely for the photography, though; I have to enjoy the music too. It’s why I’ll always make an effort to indicate to any artist that catches my eye that I’m really enjoying what they’re doing – you’ll see me tapping my feet or grinning whilst I shoot, if only to indicate that I’m doing this for more than the images. I also find that I tend to take better pictures of artists I’m enjoying more.

I think I got some good pictures; the gig itself was great fun, too. I’m liking the new sensor’s low-light capabilities a lot.

Wet Railing

24 September 2008

Railing with drops

Took this at lunchtime, as I took the new camera for a walk. Quite pleased with the picture; it’s hard to find things that look nice on a dark, wet day.