• "'…consciousness enables us to make conjectures in which someone called “I” can be seen in a hypothetical situation or a story; and from that flows the ability to make judgements, plans, decisions. In short, consciousness takes the vastness of the physical world, whose coordinates of time and space we cannot really grasp, and gives us a model, a working version – a simplified, toy version if you prefer – in which we can more usefully and successfully operate.’" Seeing the "I" in the world, as a way of making things understandable.
  • "HyperDock adds long awaited features to your Dock: Select single application windows just by moving the mouse on a dock item, use mouse clicks to quickly open new windows and many more." Nifty.


13 August 2006

I haven’t rebooted my computer in a long while.

It all happened when I started preparing for ETech, and became irrationally concerned that my elderly Powerbook might never turn on again. So I kept it up constantly, for a few months.

Then I had loads of stuff after that “up”, floating around, and it was taking ages to process. So I didn’t reboot.

Then it was Reboot, and again, I didn’t reboot in case it wouldn’t come back and I lost my work.

I think the paranoia had set in.

Anyhow, GeekTool sits on the bottom of my screen, telling me all about my uptime. I looked just now, and it said

13:24 up 212 days, 3:32, 5 users, load averages: 1.50 1.61 1.35

5 users? Not sure what that’s all about. Anyhow… 212 days is a long while. I think we need a spring clean. Time to restart.

Memo to self

19 March 2006

Memo to self: bash profile is in /etc/profile. Not anywhere else, they don’t work. No idea why. But next time you need to alter your $PATH – it’s there.

So that was weird

13 January 2006

I upgraded iTunes from 4.7 to 6.02. It was on 4.7.1 (first with podcasting) until the reformat, and today, I wondered where my podcasts were, and realised that plain old 4.7 can’t handle them.

So I upgraded. Then it decided to copy everything to my iPod again. Except it forgot a few albums I’d very recently ripped. Weird – hope it hasn’t lost random things throughout my collection. Bizarre. I’m re-ripping Lloyd Cole and Roots Manuva right now.

So, you may or may not remember that I was afflicted with this pain in the neck of a problem: namely, you launch iChat, it loads for a second, and then dies immediately. In trying to solve it, I funted my computer, and needed to reinstall.

Last night, my computer ran out of battery (at the 51% mark, no less – let’s hope this battery holds out), and didn’t sleep, so I gave it a hard reset and thought nothing more.

This morning, I realise I haven’t relaunched iChat – so I do – and it dies immediately. “Bugger,” I think, “this is the same problem as before”. It’s also the same problem my girlfriend’s iBook has.

Then, thanks to this helpful Apple Discussions post, I solved it. The issue is between the iChat in 10.4.3 and my Netgear DG834 wireless router – namely, the implentation of UPnP (Universal Plug n Play) in the Netgear box. My router, incidentally, is on firmware 3.0.something – the latest.

To get iChat working again: log into the router, scroll down the left hand menu and choose the UPnP menu. Then: untick the “enable UPnP” box, click Apply; re-enable it, click Apply.

iChat now works. Bizarre, but fortunately solved. It’s also apparently fixed in 10.4.4, released yesterday, but I’m not upgrading just yet due to being bitten on 10.4.3.