This is from the help pages to Tiny Wings (iTunes Store link) by Andreas Illiger.

That’s all you need to know, right there:

  • Goal: flight.
  • Conflict: this will be difficult because your wings are tiny.
  • Game mechanic: perhaps you can use the many beautiful hills to help.

And then there’s an illustration to piece all the pieces together and explain what you’re going to do.

The whole game is explained in two sentences; two sentences that manage to contain pathos, hope, a goal, and hints at the gameplay mechanic for achieving that goal.

It doesn’t even matter that “beautyfull” is misspelt (or whether that misspelling is deliberate or not); it’s some of the clearest and most effectively concise writing I’ve seen in a game for a long while.

Lovely. (As, of course, is the whole game – fun, simple, very pretty, and full of flow-state euphoria when it’s going well. Its success is deserved.)

  • "So is it worth reading dusty IF history? Well, I haven't read it yet. But I can say that the book really represents a tour through the past ten years of the IF community's thinking. Some of the essays are from 2001; some have been revised for this edition; some are brand-new. Many have been published in other forms, so if you've been devouring our blog posts and essays for the past few years, you will see few surprises. But if your awareness of IF dates from the last century — or if you've been following us only casually — I think this book has something to offer."
  • "NOTE: This is a demake of the third level of Irem’s 1987 arcade game R-Type, retold as an interactive story. You'll need a dice to make rolls and something to write down your armaments (and points if you wish)." Brilliant.

Slight Outage

02 March 2011

This site was down for about four days, from Saturday, owing to a server failure.

We’re now back in the world, after a hair-raising few days. Usual service now resumed.