Light in Canterbury

13 August 2006

Originally uploaded by Tom Armitage.

I went to Canterbury last weekend. We were hungover, one Sunday morning, and an advert came on TV telling us that Canterbury was really quite close and really quite cheap. We were desperate for a break from the city, so we piled over to the tiny little city for a day. Very pleasant, too; a break from the strain and strife, which were replaced with wandering, food, drink, and shopping. I also took my camera, and the results are now on Flickr. Some of my favourite pictures with it so far; this one, with no modification bar some sharpening, levels and channel mixing, stood out.


13 August 2006

I haven’t rebooted my computer in a long while.

It all happened when I started preparing for ETech, and became irrationally concerned that my elderly Powerbook might never turn on again. So I kept it up constantly, for a few months.

Then I had loads of stuff after that “up”, floating around, and it was taking ages to process. So I didn’t reboot.

Then it was Reboot, and again, I didn’t reboot in case it wouldn’t come back and I lost my work.

I think the paranoia had set in.

Anyhow, GeekTool sits on the bottom of my screen, telling me all about my uptime. I looked just now, and it said

13:24 up 212 days, 3:32, 5 users, load averages: 1.50 1.61 1.35

5 users? Not sure what that’s all about. Anyhow… 212 days is a long while. I think we need a spring clean. Time to restart.