So, my talk – Telling Stories turned out alright in the end. If you saw it, I hope you liked it. If you’re interested in obtaining a written copy of it – which I have, because I wrote it longhand – then email me. I slightly deviated from the written version, and am not sure I want to put it online directly in its current state – it needs tidying – but I’ll happily send you a PDF.

Reboot8 is over, now. For me, it was awesome. I’ll write a little bit more about it later today or tomorrow. There’s lots to digest, and lots of people to thank. To everyone I met, it was a pleasure; to those I’ve met before, a pleasure to see you again. And thanks for vaguely shepherding me. I get a little lost at these things, you know.

So: more concrete thoughts, a bit of a wrap-up, and a stack of photographs later.

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  • Olle Jonsson | 4 Jun 2006

    Praise-mode on: Thanks, Tom. I only got the “A Personal, Technological Journey” 20×20 talk, which was really touching, and elegantly gave and received – audience not only interacting, but inter-emoting.

    Also, thanks for the DC comics walk-through. I wasn’t a DC nor a Marvel kid when I was younger, I was a medievalist teenager. So, the introduction was necessary. And I see that I could enjoy some of the more inventive story-lines of Infinite Earth.

    (Wanker notes: Um, I’m checking out if you’re using coComment. Perhaps you’re not. They’re quite nice. And, as a new commenter, shouldn’t I be told what markup I can use?)