Fun with Ruby

19 August 2005

Gosh, I’ve been busy. Still, in between evenings out and work, I’ve been starting work on a fairly large personal project, which (unless I encounter a colossal brick wall) be written in Ruby, with the Rails framework playing a large part. So far, despite some hiccups, it’s been very pleasant; a fair amount of headscratching (in part down to my unfamiliarity with the langauge and its at-times-bonkers syntax, and in part down to working out just what I wanted to do), but every breakthrough has been delightful. A bit of trial-and-error, and then, suddenly, boom: I’ve got a whole new piece of functionality working with minimal code. I’m enjoying the langauge a lot – it’s reminding me of what I’d learned of Python a fair bit, but with some interesting twists. Particularly a fan of the idea that it’s a language that’s very understandable when spoken aloud, to the point of suggesting that methods with boolean outcomes should end in a questionmark, and that destructive methods should end with an exclamation mark. That’s fun.

More on this mystery project later, perhaps; I’m hoping it could be moderately big.

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  • Fools On Games
    Gaming podcasts with beer. Looks fun.Tagged as: beer games gaming podcast

HG Wells on the ‘World Brain’: “We want… a universal organization and clarification of knowledge and ideas… what I have here called a World Brain, operating by an enhanced educational system through the whole body of mankind… a widespread world intelligence conscious of itself…“. Wells is a real hero of mine; ahead of his time, and yet so perfectly of it. This long quotation, on a global store of knowledge that requires permanent curation, is an interesting find. [via oreilly radar]

“The games press is often painted as corrupt, lazy and – as I mentioned – fundamentally stupid. This is because we tend to be corrupt, lazy and fundamentally stupid.

It’s not entirely our fault.”

Kieron Gillen has put up a full transcript of his talk from Free Play, a conference in Melbourne. In it, he explains to independent developers how to leverage the power of the gaming press – who, after all, really care about indepedent developers, whatever it may look like from the outside. It was probably a great talk. It’s certainly a great piece of writing, if only because it clearly explains the hectic, rushed, pressurized world that is magazine publishing to an audience who – whilst they might not understand publishing or journalism – certainly understand hectic, rushed, and under pressure. Well worth reading.

New look

09 August 2005 redesigns. It’s lovely – clear, sans-serif, white goodness, with a pleasant deep red as highlight and a beautiful, curvaceous logotype. Plus, the rounded bar-charts on the user home pages kick ass. Love it!

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  • How to make a todo list program with Rails
    I worked through this. In short: great framework, Ruby has bonkers syntax. Now to do something more than following instructions…Tagged as: howto rails ruby rubyonrails webdev

A few days off…

09 August 2005

Going away for a few days, to Scotland, for a wedding. And a great deal of rest, I hope, starting with the train journey; god knows I need it. On the way: reading, listening, scrawling furiously on graph paper. Lots of ideas that need translating into hard copy. As for what they are… wait and see!

Flash game of the day:

09 August 2005

Flash game of the day is Suburban Brawl, straight outta Carnegie Mellon‘s Entertainment Technology Centre. Build houses by drawing them – very Pac-Pix. I wasn’t that good at it, and, as a quick project, it obviously have rough edges – but it’s got great visual charm and it’s lots of fun. Top stuff.

Haha! I solved the problem in the previous post with some cunning. And Google.

Basically, even though it looks like the mysql gem has installed correctly, it won’t have, because, once you’ve upgraded to Xcode 2.1, gcc is upgraded to 4.0. If you try and install the gem with gcc 4.0, it breaks. You need to install it with gcc 3.3 as your compiler. Doing this is as easy as typing

sudo gcc_select 3.3

in your terminal window before you run

sudo gem install mysql -- --with-mysql-dir=/usr/local/mysql

Once you’ve done all that, you can then type sudo gcc_select 4.o to return things to normal.

Phew. Scaffolds now work. That was an exciting little detour.

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