• "Our internal studies showed that gaslighting users by showing them a completely new interface once in a while and then switching back to the old one the next time they loaded a page increases user engagement, so we made sure to implement such a system based on a Medium article we found that had something to do with multi-armed bandits." Every sentence in this is Doing Work; pitch-perfect.
  • I always love developers showing their working, and none more so than Valve. Here are ten dense minutes on the teleportation mechanics in Half-Life: Alyx. I like this because you're not just seeing some opinions; they're showing glimpses of the research and testing that informed those opinions, as well as early prototypes, coupled with being a studio with some really deep time invested in VR; it's fascinating seeing them come to their conclusions. Also, as ever, I love seeing how bit a role sound is in presence.
  • "And, when you free programming from the requirement to be general and professional and SCALABLE, it becomes a different activity altogether, just as cooking at home is really nothing like cooking in a commercial kitchen. I can report to you: not only is this different activity rewarding in almost exactly the same way that cooking for someone you love is rewarding, there’s another feeling, one that persists as you use the app together."

    This is great. I am always bewildered by the direct equivalence of learning-to-code and learning-to-make-money. Instead, learning to cook for yourself – just well enough for you and the few people who need you – is a nice metaphor, as is cookery itself.

    Also: oh for something like "Hypercard for iOS", and oh for an end to code-signing and developer accounts and professionalisation-with-no-meaningful-alternative.