18 October 2003

Great post from Lance Arthur on experiences of therapy and learning to connect again. Sometimes I really feel I need to connect back to the world; I mean, I’ll talk to anyone given half a chance, but I need to hunt them down and I always speak first. Sometimes I get worried people get pissed off with me calling or IMing them all the time.

But I feel so much better than I did three years ago. I’m connected in so many more ways (though not in the ADSL sense of the word…). And every day, in this living-at-home-limbo, I go for a stroll, or a walk; some kind of perambulatory fresh air. It helps. Every little bit helps.

I’m going through adolescence all over again, but this time I’m paying someone $130 an hour to help me through it. It does sound a lot like adolescence. I always joke I went through it all at the wrong time – I arrived at University at around 14, and am now about 17. I think I’ve got over that idea, but a year and a half ago, it seemed right. You need to go through it once, though a lot of the time it doesn’t happen when you’re 16. Hell, I didn’t have time for it to happen at sixteen. It was all a delayed reaction to the world.

But it pays off, you know. Because I get to play catch up. And boy, is that fun…