• "The demo of Dante's Inferno provided absolutely the stupidest gaming experience I think I have had since possibly Ultimate Combat Mission on the Spectrum +2. I don't think God of War can meaningfully compete, because… well, because it isn't based on one of the most famous works of literature produced in the last thousand years. Dorothy L Sayers translated it, for God's sake. Kratos never really had to get past anything more culturally embedded than Clash of the Titans." Dan has been playing Dante's Inferno, and the end result is this lovely post, about classics, and living stories, and Just Plain Stupid Games. It's very good. "…there's nothing to stop an incredibly silly game being a very enjoyable game, but there's something about the abandon with which Inferno is being used art direction for a slash-em-up that is killing the joy of it a bit for me"

I swear, if one more media organisation refers to Google Talk as a telephony service I will scream. It’s an IM client which happens to have VOIP capabilities. Just like iChat. Just like lots of other things which came before it. Skype is a real internet telephony client, and it appears to have received almost no press as a result of the big-Google-announcement, comparisons instead being drawn to MSN Messenger. Which is a real shame, because not much can touch Skype as a real internet-telephony provider. And it’s also reasonably not-evil. Still, it shows how much power the Google brand now wields.

Height of stupidity: last night’s Evening Standard headline (not online): PHONE CALLS GO FREE ON GOOGLE. I’m surprised the spool hasn’t picked up on this.