• "The voice in Dear Esther doesn't tell you where to go – it only reads, at set moments, from a random selection of letters to Esther as you wander over a deserted and increasingly disrupted Scottish island. The letters are randomised, so no playthrough is the same, and a fragmented narrative of a car crash, a grieving man and a stolen library book is glimpsed but never resolved. When I asked Pinchbeck whether this strictly constitutes a game, he said that it was a game engine, a nice distinction in both senses." Dan fills in his Wired piece on Dan Pinchbeck with some supplementary material. It is very good.

Serious games modding

06 September 2005

Pasta and Vinegar links to this entry in the Serious Games Summit programme about modding Half-Life 2 as a visualisation tool. Absolutely fascinating.