Pier at Salamis

…was on this photo.

Seriously, it’s going to be hard to ever top this. I read it and re-read it, glad to share in memories, happy to have made someone else glad too.

Happy memories

30 November 2009


I swam here. Right here, just off the pier. So buoyant, so warm; bobbed around, drifted out to sea with the tide, fought the tide to swim in, drifted in again. Behind me, behind the shore, and likely deep, deep underneath me, under the sea, was Salamis. Forty-five minutes later, the rain gushed down.

But for half an hour, I bobbed around, warm, calm, happy.

Where I’ve been

08 November 2009

Me, on Bufavento Castle, in Cyprus

Up a hill, mainly.

First holiday in a year: hiking in the Five-Finger mountains in Northern Cyprus (the Turkish bit). Really excellent: sun and skies and outdoors and lots of photographs I am currently processing. Recharged batteries that were more run-down than I realised.

And, before that, I moved house again. Could have done without that, but on the plus side, the new place is lovely.

The links have still been chugging along, as you can see, and there’s been lots more stuff from me over at the BERG blog.

There should be some stuff here quite soon, though – something on loot and Borderlands (ah, Borderlands, how I love you), not to mention a few other things – so in the meantime, I hope you haven’t minded the cavalcade of links.