Safari crashed again

26 March 2006

Safari crashed. Again. With lots of tabs open. And I can’t remember half of them.

I hate you, Safari.


21 March 2006

Uh, well everything manifests itself in processes of three. Proton, neutron, electron. Sun, earth, moon. Masculine, feminine… child.” The Channel 4 website reviews the DVD of Revolver by listening to the commentary. Funny.


18 February 2006

The whole thing is frictionless – and frictionless tools are what I want this year.

So that was weird

13 January 2006

I upgraded iTunes from 4.7 to 6.02. It was on 4.7.1 (first with podcasting) until the reformat, and today, I wondered where my podcasts were, and realised that plain old 4.7 can’t handle them.

So I upgraded. Then it decided to copy everything to my iPod again. Except it forgot a few albums I’d very recently ripped. Weird – hope it hasn’t lost random things throughout my collection. Bizarre. I’m re-ripping Lloyd Cole and Roots Manuva right now.

Free stuff!

06 January 2006

Wow! I just won a year’s subscription to Make in the O’Reilly ONLamp survey. I’ve every issue of the mook so far, and have been enjoying it hugely, so am looking forward to another year’s worth. Thanks, O’Reilly!

Comic book habit

10 December 2005

“…ask yourself if you want to get addicted and be thirty years old, typing on the internet about how the spiderman movie does not match up with the comic book”

Lovely. From Toothpaste for Dinner

Scroller Scarf

02 December 2005

Gorgeous scarves for the geek in your life; hang a scrollbar round your neck, with a movable scroller (is that what they’re called?). Love it.


01 December 2005

How projects really work. This provided a good few minutes of laughter in the office this morning


01 December 2005

Awesome. L33t tiles for Scrabble, alongside scoring instructions and a few solitaire games, too.

Loud, autistic, and proud

28 November 2005

Most interesting article from the Observer magazine on autism, from two Sundays ago. Brings a variety of perspectives to bear on the topic, and talks to a nice cross-section of people. Some days are red-badge days for anybody, autistic or not.