Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule, as reproduced on Flickr by Nick Bilton. There are worse ways to structure your time than this, that’s for sure.

I should spend more time addressing Powerful Goodness. That’s where I’m going wrong, I think

Changelog of the day

16 August 2009

From the TeamFortress 2 Classless Update:

Added a color blind option to add a Jarate icon above enemies who are busy accepting a terrifying existence where they have no dignity.

That’s Jarate, the Jar-based Karate, if you weren’t aware.

Yep, still in love with Valve.

  • "It had been a rough day, so when I walked into the party I was very chalant, despite my efforts to appear gruntled and consolate." And so on.
  • "You've already received more letters from me than any living relative of mine has received to date. Truly, hope all is well with you and high school isn't as painful as I portray it. Believe in yourself. Think about the future once a day and keep doing what you're doing. Because I'm impressed. My regards to the family. Don't let a day pass without a kind thought about them." For many years, Alison Fields was penpals with John Hughes. This is a lovely story.