This is BERG

20 August 2009

Two short notes about work.

A little over six months ago I joined Schulze & Webb on a six-month contract, working four days a week, as a developer and writer.

That turned out pretty well, both for me, and for the company. So much so that, as of the end of that contract, I am both full-time and permanent. I am both pleased and excited by this.

That was note one.

Note two: as of today, we are no longer called Schulze & Webb.

We are BERG.

Matt’s written an excellent blog post on the new site detailing a little history, and a little of the present, which should explain the rationale behind the rebrand, and which, I think, marks the change very well. I am very happy and very proud to be part of this.

Exciting times ahead. I’m looking forward to them a lot.

(photo by Fiona Romeo)

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  • Kars Alfrink | 21 Aug 2009

    Most importantly of all, you get to wear a very cool jacket with your name embroidered on it. I really must visit you and check out the lab sometime.