Impending upgrade

10 November 2006

The comment-spam on this site is really getting out of control; it’s never seeing the world outside, but I’ve got about 700 comments in moderation to deal with. Looks like it’s time to upgrade to WordPress 2.0.5 (from 1.5.2).

Of course, that requires fixing plugins that are crucial to this site but no longer in development. And it requires altering the theme. And writing scary scripts to migrate my post_meta table. Which have all now been done.

And, hey, when you’re having to do that much messing around in PHP, you may as well redesign, right?

Upshot of this is: I’m going to upgrade this site at the weekend, so a few things might end up changing a little, and if you notice said changes, you should shout. The old design will probably stick around for a bit, whilst I polish the new (very simple) one off. And then I’ll ram that live too.

At some point after that, my post about “wrestling with wordpress”, written when I started looking into this process a few months back, will see the light of day. I really don’t want to have to mess with it again. It’s very unpleasant…