Good news from Leipzig

23 August 2006

The best news from the Leipzig game conference, for me, wasn’t all the football-exclusivity deals, oh no; it’s Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan on Live Arcade. Sign me up now.

Oh, wait, I am signed up, and I’ve been playing that version of Hold’Em… : Whoops!

23 August 2006

OK, so my links haven’t been showing up here for a few days. That’d be because they finally swapped their API permanently to the new location ( and I didn’t update the magic bit of string (or PHP) that threw each day’s posts into my database.

Stupid Tom.

I’ve now fixed that, and we should be back to normal tonight. In the meantime, there’s some good stuff over in those bookmarks, so do catch up on things you might have missed.

I really should tie this blog together with more than string and sellotape at some point.