Severe Powerbook problems.

06 December 2005

A very bad night. I’ve recently been blessed with this particular problem: iChat quitting seconds after launch.

Reinstall iChat: no luck.

Reinstall iChat, patch through Software Update to 10.4.3 : no luck.

Run Combo Updater as recommended after reinstalling iChat: no luck.

Only now Mail is broken too; all my messages are there, but there’s no text loading in the panels. I’m loathe to reinstall Mail – I’ve backed up the Mboxes just now, even though the GUI is broken, I’m guessing the data is OK. It’s 3 years of Mail I pretty much can’t bear to lose.

So right now, I have a 12″ Paperweight. I’m really, really low about this; no idea how to fix it, no time to reinstall it for a good couple of days. Terrified. Depressed.

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  • Chris | 6 Dec 2005

    I’ve had that happen to me with iChat too, on early versions of Panther. Never with Mail though. And to be honest, I’m not sure I ever figured out how to fix it — it just went away eventually. Which is… odd.

  • Dan | 6 Dec 2005

    Shit. That’s bad. I’ve been having trouble with iChat recently, but I blamed AIM, as the same issue seemed to afflict Adium, so it’s probably not the same issue. Good luck…