So much more to say about the sublime Mario Kart DS, but for now, I felt some technical advice would help Google out a lot.

If you’re having problems connecting to Nintendo Wi-fi Connection through your Netgear DG834G router – as in, your DS can’t see your wireless access point, even if it’s public, insecure, the works – it’s worth upgrading to the latest firmware. You can download that from the “support” page on the Netgear site for the router. Once you’ve flashed the firmware (remember to do it via a wired connection, to avoid bricking the router), you should find the DS finds the access point (be it WEPed or not) first time.

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  • popmanw | 17 Aug 2006

    I just purchased a Netgear DG834G and it was fantastic. It set up very quickly and works perfectly on ISPs like AOL! (Silver). The Nintendo WiFi Connection worked first time, no hastle. Using WEP security option, you can have security enabled and the DS still connects.

    Go to for the latest downloads in order to make your DS work with it. PLEASE find out the version of your router though, either on box, software or a ticket inside box.

  • popmanw | 17 Aug 2006

    Sorry, I forgot to mention, Latest models (version 3) of this router need no upgrading and Nintendo DS works out of the box.

  • Jo Harris | 11 Feb 2007

    HELP!! I an unable to connect my DS to AOl silver with nergear DG834G V3 anyone help please?

  • kazzi | 3 Mar 2007

    i have a netgear DG834G V3 and AOL silver too and my ds picks the wireless connection up but then the connection test fails! HELP PLEASE!! i’ve been trying for about 2 months now!

  • leo | 8 Jul 2007

    help i have the new version of netgear and my nintendo ds will not connect it says “security settings incompatible with the nintendo ds” plz help

  • ToxieDogg | 9 Sep 2007

    OK I’ve got AOL Silver and the Netgear DG834G V3 router, and it works fine with my DS, Wii and PSP. Unfortunately, the scant instructions AOL provide with it are useless!! Here’s what I did once I had the router software installed on my PC…

    1. If you need to, log off AOL. Click on the Start button (bottom left corner) then ‘Internet Explorer’. This should go straight to the AOL homepage.

    2. In the address bar, type ‘

    3. When the name and password box appears, type ‘admin’ for the username and ‘password’ for the password. This gets you into the router’s setup.

    4. Everything should be easy now.
    You need to click on Wireless Settings, then make a note of the network name (SSID)…if there isn’t one, then put one in, anything will do, and make a note of it. Make sure that ‘Enable Wireless Access Point’ is checked, change the security option to WEP (this is the only one the DS supports), then scroll down to where it says WEP Key.

    5. Make a note of the code next to ‘Key 1’. If there aren’t any key codes there, then type something in the ‘passphrase’ box (anything will do, but try to remember it!) then click on ‘Generate’, which generates WEP Key codes. Then make a note of the code next to ‘Key 1’ as I said before.

    6. Click on ‘Apply’ to change your settings.

    7. In the box on the left hand side of the screen, scroll down to ‘Set Password’ and change the password from ‘password’ to something a little more secure. I’d recommend this!

    8. Again in the box on the left, scroll down to ‘Logout’ and click on it. Then close Internet Explorer.

    9. On your DS, start the Wi Fi enabled game. Go into Nintendo Wi Fi Connection Settings, then any one of the connections (1, 2, or 3) settings.

    10. Put in the SSID that you noted earlier from the router (your network name).

    11. Put in the WEP Key code that you noted earlier from the router.

    12. That’s it! Tap on ‘Test Connection’ and it should work! It’s now ready to use.

    For extra security, you can go back into the router’s settings and restrict the router to only accept wireless devices with certain MAC addresses (go into ‘Wirelesss Settings’, then ‘Wireless Station Access List’. You can find out the DS’s MAC address by going into the Nintendo Wi-Fi Setup screen, then’Options’.

    Hope that helps! Any problems, feel free to email me at

  • Stuart Simpkins | 18 Oct 2007

    Another thing to try is to make sure that under the “Wireless Settings” the mode is set to “g & b”.