19 August 2005

Tomorrow will be the third wedding I’ve been to this year. It’ll be the fourth for the Girl. The difference this time is that it’s one of my friends getting married – all the previous ones were friends of hers. And, as a result, in Scotland. This one’s in Essex, and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a lovely couple getting married, for starters, and then there’s the chance to catch up with a whole host of friends – especially old schoolfriends who I haven’t seen for a while. So, all in all, lots of fun to be had, and a nice chance to get out of the city.

Fun with Ruby

19 August 2005

Gosh, I’ve been busy. Still, in between evenings out and work, I’ve been starting work on a fairly large personal project, which (unless I encounter a colossal brick wall) be written in Ruby, with the Rails framework playing a large part. So far, despite some hiccups, it’s been very pleasant; a fair amount of headscratching (in part down to my unfamiliarity with the langauge and its at-times-bonkers syntax, and in part down to working out just what I wanted to do), but every breakthrough has been delightful. A bit of trial-and-error, and then, suddenly, boom: I’ve got a whole new piece of functionality working with minimal code. I’m enjoying the langauge a lot – it’s reminding me of what I’d learned of Python a fair bit, but with some interesting twists. Particularly a fan of the idea that it’s a language that’s very understandable when spoken aloud, to the point of suggesting that methods with boolean outcomes should end in a questionmark, and that destructive methods should end with an exclamation mark. That’s fun.

More on this mystery project later, perhaps; I’m hoping it could be moderately big.