The BT guy came this morning. In a rare display of enthusiasm and good service, he said he’d arrive between 8am and 1pm… and woke me by banging on the door at 8.01am. Bit under two hours later, and I have a working landline; very impressed. I’ve now ordered the broadband, and in the meantime am discovering the joys of dialup.

It’s ages since I’ve been on dialup – took a long while to get off 56k (and I spent a fair while before that on 28.8). Then I got spoiled at University with Janet and its crazy-fast charms. Having had ADSL (and wireless to boot), it’s strange to be tied to the corner of the living room with a piece of string and this slow connection. It’s not bad, but I can’t wait for sweet, sweet 1mb ADSL to start working. It’ll make research a lot easier, that’s for sure.

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  • mattw | 16 Jun 2005

    Yeah sure, “research.”

    ADSL: Do you have it booked for installation already? I’m pretty happy with UKOnline:

  • Tom | 19 Jun 2005

    No, seriously; I’m trying to write an article which is bloody hard when you have first no dialup, and then just dialup. Hence why I’m sitting at the window in Foyles cafe on a very hot day.

    ADSL: yes, going with Pipex again, because I like the reliability, their tech support people are intelligent, and I’ve good service in the last two places they provided my connection. They flick the switch on Thursday.

  • Nina | 20 Jun 2005

    You poor lamb. And I mean that with no bite at all. I was reminded today that I haven’t had dialup for 9 years and I can only tear my hair out at the slow you must be experiencing. Bet you’re looking forward to the switch!