…which is why I’ve been quieter than I’d like. Not because I’ve been spending all my time packing, more because I’ve been worrying about packing. Which is why I haven’t published my notes on Spain. Or on Pat Kane’s The Play Ethic. Stuff like that. The new flat has a study and everything – I’m hoping we’ll fit into it OK – and so I should be a bit more relaxed about productivity there. It’ll be a while before I get broadband set up – I’m praying there are no hitches, ntl-branded phone sockets are everywhere but I’m praying I can get BT and ADSL up quickly – so I’ll probably be dumping stuff up here in my lunch hour at work.

Looking forward to it all, I think. Just all a bit hairy – and not the ideal way to spend one’s weekend. Next weekend will be spent with flat-pack furniture and GTA: San Andreas, most likely.