So I installed Tiger this morning. Lots of backup, and then Archive & Install.

It’s pretty nifty. Unfortunately, because my Hard Disk is “full of crap” Spotlight is taking ages to index it. And lots of processor cycles. To the point that when I tried to copy my “Previous Systems” folder off my main disk to my big fat external Firewire disk (at 4gb, should take ~ 4 minutes, right?) it offered me an approximate time of 12 hours.

Also, my fan is permanently on. I’m currently blaming Spotlight for this, too – even if I put the machine to sleep, the fan comes back on the moment I open it. Only about 40 minutes left, apparently, for Spotlight, so there is hope yet.

What I do know is this: it’s better than 10.2.8, that’s for sure. And is lots better, though it may not look much nicer.

That’s my Mac Tax paid for the year, anyways.

Update: well, problems are arising. Not many, but they’re darn annoying. First: every time I sleep or restart the machine, it forgets what the wireless network is called. I have to type it in by hand – even though it’s in the list of favourites! Secondly, lots of fan action; turns off eventually, but it’s really inconvenient. I blame Spotlight. Hoping these things will be fixed by a point release ASAP. If anyone finds this via Google and has any suggestions… comment away!