Problems with

26 January 2005

Oh dear. I’ve been having problems with Not the bookmark manager itself, though; just its daily export to Movable Type.

It exports to the XML-RPC interface built into Movable Type. Which is fine. It finds it, logs in, posts the entry, and logs off. The only problem is I’ve set it up to post to a specific category_id, so posts can appear in their own category… and it refuses to put them into any category. As a result, they appear in the MT system, but not on the site.

Not this site, obviously. Another site.

Anyhow. I’m using MovableType 2.661, with BerkelyDB, and it could be that only interfaces with the XML-RPC interface inMT3+. Or it could be something broken over here. Any ideas? Anyone read this?

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  • Vicki | 27 Jan 2005

    read it i do. understand it i do not. :)

  • tajmahal | 12 Mar 2005

    Test second comment.

  • Tom | 12 Mar 2005

    third comment