Clean workspaces

10 January 2005

Sometimes, the thing that stops me functioning is the wrong space. I need the right space to work.

I haven’t really had that since I moved into this flat; there was this computer table in the corner of the lounge I’ve never really got on with; the wrong height, the wrong corner. But I stuck it out. And it made me hunched and grumpy.

I’ve got a little study now. Well, little is a huge exaggeration; it’s tiny. It’s the corner of a chest of drawers, where if I put a stool up to it, I can work quite happily, and with very good posture, too. It makes me feel a lot happier – the light in this room is better for a start, and the benefits to my posture are huge.

New place to work; new start. I’m reworking infovore for that reason, too. It’s a bit more different than all the other reworks since, you know, last summer. Marginally different structure; more colour, more light. I like the cleanliness, but I’m thinking wider now. Khoi Vin’s subtraction has been a huge influence in this regard.

But it’s not going on show til it’s ready. In some ways, it’s strange; I know that the Photoshop mockup is quite a way along, but I’m just not ready to start hacking that into XHTML and CSS just yet; it’s going to take some time and probably make me tear my hair out a little. I don’t want that just yet. Also, I’m still working on the individual entry pages; trying to do my best with every template, not just the front one. This could be some time in the making, but I’m very pleased with it.

And, I hope, a new design to work in, will make me work better: writing more, uploading more, getting off my backside to post the things I really want to. Once upon a time, I blogged loads, and it wasn’t terrible.

I hope I can get some of that spark back, soon.