Spot the basic error

08 October 2004

Now I know that most young people’s understanding of copyright law, the BPI, and why DRM is a bad thing isn’t that advanced, but sometimes the mind boggles.

But even if we do download songs for free, we have already paid for them in a way because we have had to pay for our broadband internet connection.

No, no, no, no, no.

I don’t need to pay for the shopping, in a way, because I paid for the petrol to get to the supermarket?

More comment on this, perhaps, later.

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  • Elliot Goode | 9 Oct 2004

    TOM U BUM!!!!


    rah mail me :)))


  • Tom | 9 Oct 2004

    Note to all: this is not spam. This is one of my friends. He has a way with words :)