Mmn, tasty

12 September 2004

So I’ve finally signed up to a account. I probably should have done this a long while ago, especially given the way I think, but for some reason was put off. Anyhow, so far, I’m very impressed, and am taken by how simple it is to use.

I’m going to experiment this week; basically, anything I see that I might want to linklog, I’m going to plop into delicious. At the end of each day, I’ll run through what I tagged, and if it’s worth putting up here, then I’ll do that. It’s a preliminary filter, as it were; also, not having to log into MT saves time and concentration.

There’s a lot flying around my head at the moment. I’ve been rearranging filing systems, recently; my work computer is now remarkably tidy, and I’m about to start sorting out the Powerbook. Launchbar is part of that process; so’s this. Cleaning out my Mac desktop is going to be quite hard work.

I think the next part of the de-clut is a holiday and lots of fresh air.