17 May 2004

I ARE PANT. No explanation necessary, really, other than that it’s been a long day.

Transmission blip

16 May 2004

infovore is a year old. I know this because it disappeared off the face of the earth this morning. I’d forgotten to pay my hosting fees, mainly because the reminders went to a now defunct email account. No email, no site, no nothing.

And no backups, either.

Given I had the hangover from hell, this was not a good way to begin a Sunday morning. But it wasn’t forever: as you can now see, we’re back on the air, with a license to broadcast for another whole year. And maybe more. This time, there’ll be backups, too. Let’s look at the whole thing as a learning experience.


08 May 2004

I’ve got some Breedster going if anyone’s interested. Drop us a line and I’ll see what I can do.


06 May 2004

Tim Berners-Lee’s Answers for young people. Which, whilst not as in-depth or complex as his big grown-up writing, has some beautiful turns of phrase, and demonstrates some great clarity.


04 May 2004

The Rasterbator. For blowing up images to ludicrous size. Must investigate further…


04 May 2004

Matt Webb invents the teethernet cable. Dentists’ eyes the world over light up at the thought of recabling Telehouse.


03 May 2004

To put it mildly: the last six weeks have been quite hectic.

Five weeks last Friday, I was out at the theatre with a friend, and had my mobile phone on silent. I got out at half ten, and as we headed into town for some beers, I listened to my answerphone. And I’d been offered a job – one that I’d known might have been a possibility, but wasn’t holding out for.

And it began on the following Monday at 9am. In London.

I was shellshocked, to say the least. Slightly dazed, we headed into town for aforementioned beers and ended up dancing to the Smiths. Which as far as I’m concerned, is a good night. On the Sunday, I packed some bags, and went to stay with some friends who I cannot thank enough.

Fast forward six weeks from that first day. It’s May Day. I’m employed. I now live in London, in a very lovely flat that I managed to find surprisingly quick. I’m settled in; a routine is beginning to emerge. I’m tired at night, but stuff gets done, and I live a pleasant life. During my time at university, I made a fair few friends in the city, and I’m so glad to have them nearby now. Six weeks ago, I was unemployed and living at home. To be honest, I had been for a while. And I wasn’t sure where I was going to end up, or if I’d ever get a job, or anything. Not one of my best times. Hit its nadir pretty much the week before The Job.

And now I’m here. And, with any luck, it’ll never be like that again. Something’s been started, and I feel it’ll be very good. Which is why, even though like Tom I’m prone to putting off all my grand plans – a talk at NotCon, the novel, the album, various articles – I’ll still probably get around to them some time. Sometimes, just being here is enough.

Rainy Bank Holiday

03 May 2004

It’s a horrid wet bank holiday here, so what better to do than a little bit of template munging? Finally got up off my backside and did what I’ve been planning on doing for a long while. The content in the right-hand column is now all entirely generated by Moveable Type; it’s no longer in the template. This makes it far easier for me to up the linklist (long in need of doing), and edit the Colophon and About sections. It’s also probably a slightly better use of available technology, and has given me a brief burst of satisfaction. Which is always nice. Next thing to look into, probably: RSS for the linklog. I’ve got RSS for the main blog, as the “about” box top-right will tell you. In case you hadn’t noticed.


03 May 2004

Throw together some people in silly costumes, 80s videogaming nostalgia, wi-fi technology, and running around New York, and what do you get? PacManhattan. Live-action, wireless tracked, Pac-Man. Brilliant. (I’m on a wireless-based geolocation trip at the moment…)


03 May 2004

I’ve just seen the video for Franz Ferdinand’s Matinee. It’s sublime, it really is; you’ll understand when you’ve seen it.