Fast Forward

20 March 2004

And then: whoosh. Someone hit the fast forward button. News is: I am employed. Monday, London. Here I come. Hiatus over; everything’s going to be happening quite fast from now on. I’m very happy; I’m very lucky. Was quite glad to be out last night at home; a close friend, some beers, some old acquaintances. And remembering that even when you don’t want to dance, This Charming Man will force you to do so. Great fun.

So yeah: bright lights, big city, busy days, here we come. Very pleased to be moving forwards. Let’s see where this will go. infovore likely to undergo a slight renaissance – I’ve been slowly waking up for the past week. As my inboard brain gets back in gear, so will the outboard.

I’m happy, if you didn’t notice.

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  • charles | 21 Mar 2004

    From the lack of job description, we can only assume you plan to spend your days cleaning our capital’s toilets…