New Year Placeholder

03 January 2004

I’m sitting in a cafe in Glasgow, wirelessly hooked up for free via my Powerbook, and I think I’m in the future. Really. The future; I sit down, buy my Coke, open the laptop and the world is at my fingertips. I couldn’t have dreamed of this three years ago, let alone ten.

New Year was fantastic. Dinner with a loved one, all sorts of culinary experiments, and watching the King return. My camera was low on batteries, but my t610 wasn’t, so I have lots of grimy mophos that might scatter my New Year post.

Life is good. Now that I am unemployed again, I have a big list of things to do, all of which I am going to try and acheive. I’ll explain them in more detail when I’m home. One of them is to get into the habit of posting again, and I’m going to, as it will make sure I get on with the plans in hand. They involve music, writing, teaching, making. Getting my hands in gear again.

Like I said: life is good. I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while, world; I don’t know if anyone reads this thing, and I never have. When I redesigned and moved to this new domain, I promised I would make infovore something worthwhile, interesting. I’m not sure I’ve fulfilled that, but I’m beginning to understand more about the way I write, the way I think, and the ways to turn this into something exciting.

And that’s before I mention the nefarious, top-secret plans…