14 October 2003


Out with the old, in with the new. Changed my specs today. Quite pleased with the new look, as it were.

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  • Gordon | 14 Oct 2003

    They look a bit like mine.

    Sorry, wandered here via Meg at Meish.

    BTW, did you realise that you don’t have a white background specified (its appearing grey in my IE). An explanation on my blog if you’re not sure.

  • methyl | 14 Oct 2003

    dude, v. nice indeed. and they look like cuppatea’s.

    in the future, we will all have oblong specs, whether we need them or not.

  • Anna de L | 15 Oct 2003

    They’re a bit exciting! Look forward to seeing them sometime in the next hundred months! :)

  • the big ginger people buggerer | 16 Oct 2003

    tommykins, this way lies a career in teaching. go NHS and blocky, you’d look so nice.