Off Grid

08 August 2003

I finished at work today. Every summer for the past five years I’ve done the same job, working as a temporary member of the IT support team at the school where my mum teaches. It’s been a way of making a moderate amount of money, in relaxed surroundings with people I like, and I’ve made many friends through it. Despite the heat, despite the slog of transporting 17″ monitors, it’s always been worthwhile. Today, I departed, knowing that with any luck I wouldn’t need to take up a post next summer, because I’d hopefully have a “proper job”. Five summers. In the second summer I picked up my A-Level results; three years later, I’ve finished the degree they secured me. How time flies.

Time has flown every which way really, and I’ve failed to organise any for blogging. I’ve watched a lot of ER and Six Feet Under since I last posted, and the entirety of Paul Abbott’s magnificent State of Play, which I should probably write on more in the future. If you saw it a couple of months back, you’ll know what I mean. Anyhow, I’m now going off-grid for a deserved break. Will be back soon, though, and will probably finally get around to the final touches to this site and that whole “regular posting” malarky. I said probably.