In brief

29 July 2003

I haven’t even been updating the brief column. Lots of things going on recently just knocking the energy to blog out of me: the best party I’ve been to in a long time (thanks dear), full-time work, trying to sort out possessions, catching up on TV, general exhaustion. Recent acquisitions include the London Elecktricity album, Billion Dollar Gravy (superb) and the Dizzee Rascal album, Boy In Da Corner (doubly so). I’m working on the posting thing, anyhow.

I’m not going to let it slip this time.

I think my favourite memory of the past week, and my favourite memory in a long while, was getting tired at said party of people asking me “how are you?” because, well, it was getting tiresome having to explain simply how excellent everything is at the moment. It really is that good over here. It’s a wonderful feeling.