21 July 2003

I’m growing to like this portable life. I’m sitting on my bed, evening light streaming off the hill outside me, listening to Daniel Bélanger’s album Rêver Mieux, Powerbook resting on my lap. The Bélanger’s an interesting beast; he’s Quebecois, and a friend who’s just spent a year abroad in Quebec lent me the album. It’s best described (without lending you a copy) as a peculiar hybrid of Air, David Gray, and Four Tet; mellow electronic Francophone singer-songwriter. Delightful. Oh, and nice packaing too. It’s also interesting listening to something which isn’t in my first language, or even my second or third (much the same kick that I get from MC Solaar), and yet I know how bits of it work, and as a musician and a scholar of literature, I get the way it sounds; lyrics, after all, are chosen not just for meaning but for sound as well.

I’ve been noticably absent from here for a while, mainly due to exhaustion after a first week at work, and having to tend to our garden – small, but overstocked – in the absence of my father. Normal service has now resumed. Work (IT support for a school) progresses slowly on, and I’m doing my best to fit everything else around it. Right now I really need to sort my floor, as I still haven’t quite finished tidying everything away after my return from University.

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  • Luke | 22 Jul 2003

    Dude – check out your character encoding. I’m getting some kind of fucked-up yen-sign-meets-barcode character in that artist’s name.

  • tom | 22 Jul 2003

    Yeah. Must remember to use HTML accents and not just hitting option-e. Bloody french characters. I’ll sort it tonight.