Vanilla != Plain

There is nothing plain about vanilla. It is one of the loveliest, subtlest flavours around. Nothing beats really good homemade vanilla custard or ice-cream. Nothing. My hypothetical children shall be taught to cherish vanilla in all its glory. Also, they shall be taught it comes from pods, not bottles.

Sorry. It’s just over the past few days, I’ve been realising lots of things I refuse to let my children grow up not knowing. Such as where food comes from: beef is from cows, not from Tescos; cheese is from milk; eggs are from chickens; potatoes and chips are the same thing. Etc. I’m on a foody tip at the moment (and there are some interesting devlopments to come on this tip soon) and this is what’s buzzing around my head.

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  • Adeline | 11 Jul 2003

    Gosh and to think I thought you were going to be writing about sex. Vanilla… my perverted mind!

  • Luke | 11 Jul 2003

    My god. You’re having kids?