New-look comments

29 June 2005

When I redesigned this site, I got so fed up after fourteen days of wrangling with XHTML, CSS, and WordPress that I just kept the comments design from my old MT site – it was grayscale, it didn’t clash, it did. But it wasn’t quite what I intended. I’ve now updated how comments are listed, so you might need to refresh your stylesheet if individual pages look weird. And yes, I coded it by hand myself; it may look like other products on the market, but I stole not a sausage. Besides, I’m thinking of redesigning the whole shebang anyhow.

Update: well, it doesn’t quite look right in IE6 (negative margin not handled properly) but it looks functional, so I’ll leave it at that for now. Remember to refresh that stylesheet!

Full transcript of David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech at Kenyon. It’s very good, and balances the celebration of education completed (and ongoing) with filling graduates with perhaps not terror, but certainly trepidation.