I’m going to this talk on “The Slacker Ethic” at the ICA tonight. I’m really interested in the topic, and it’ll be interesting to see the panel discussion – after all, they represent three very differing approaches to slowing-down one’s life. Richard Reeves is chairing the event and given his past writing I think he’ll probably have some useful input – as well as being the ideal person to guide the talk.

Pat Kane is on the panel, and I hugely enjoyed his Play Ethic whilst on holiday. My notes are still in my Moleskine; I’ll try and type them up tonight, as well as my notes from the talk. There’s lots of stuff gestating nicely upstairs along this lines – hopefully the event will spur me on. I’ll post again, hopefully tomorrow but certainly by the weekend, with some notes and thoughts.

Linda Stone on Attention at Supernova 2005; practically transcribed over at the O’Reilly Radar.