09 June 2005

I’m a little out of the loop right now. The move went OK, but now comes the hard part: putting everything away. The new furniture arrived yesterday; tonight I will mostly be building bookshelves. Once bookshelves are built, they can be filled, and we’ll be nearly there. It’s mainly about working out where things should go. Slowly but surely, we get there; the kitchen and bedroom are essentially done, and we’re halfway there with the living room.

The only glitch so far is no phone line. BT are sending an engineer out next Wednesday to fix it. I think the flat was on NTL at one point, which could be the problem, but BT have a record of the last occupant being with them at some point. With any luck, that’ll sort out the phone line, and then I can sort out ADSL. As it is, I’m grabbing email via webmail and doing my best to stay on top of things. It’s a nice break, in a way, and I’m looking forward to radically restructuring my digital lifestyle once I’ve settled down into the flat.

At the same time, the prospect of not having a phone line is slightly distubring me, so I’m crossing lots of fingers. Moving is as nerve-wracking as they say. It also takes longer than you expect. Pretty sure it’s worth it, though.


09 June 2005

The XGameStation Micro – a homebrew games console for learning hardware development on. Graphics are similar to an Atari 2600; the processor is more powerful; it takes standard nine-pin joysticks and comes with documentation and emulators for development. Really nifty – not sure I could spend that much given limited programming skills, but it’s a fantastic idea: giving developers a limited (but functional) platform that harks back to old 8-bit systems. I’ll be keeping an eye on their upcoming projects.