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24 Hours of Tiger

01 May 2005

Phew. That was an interesting day or so.

So I installed Tiger, and yes, it was very whizz-bang, but it also jammed the fan of my laptop on. The reason for this is basically Spotlight – even though it said it was done, it was then trying to index my Firewire drive (which has lots of backups and bazillions of files) and this makes it hot-hot-hot. The fact the fan took its time to turn off again is probably an OS issue that will be resolved; as it stands, it’s doing a lot better a bit into the install.

Next problem: every time I close it, it forgets my wireless network. I solved this problem by removing my wireless network from the list of “preferred networks” stored in Network settings; once I re-entered it once, it has found it every time. Not so obvious, but hey, it’s solved.

Final thing (that I was most proud of): enabling PHP support. It’s disabled by default on the OS, but editing /etc/httpd/httpd.conf I found I just had to uncomment two lines referring to mod_php4 and it all work swimmingly.

It’s dang nippy; a little shot of air into an old-ish laptop. Hopefully the fan issues will disappear once I let it finish indexing the Firewire drive. Tom Coates has a nice write-up of what actually using all the new technologies is like; in particular, a nice example of using Automator for fun and profit.