Whilst digging around at work today, I chanced upon this New Statesman piece on weblogs written in October 1999. A little ahead of the bell-curve, then. And what a last paragraph:

Blogs are never going to be big business and they’re not the future of the web, either. But I find that I visit them more and more because in the blogs you can still find that educated, anarchic spirit – rather as I imagine medieval universities to have been, full of wandering scholars – which once seemed the natural atmosphere of the whole World Wide Web.

Mock Duck

28 April 2005

Mock Duck – “a delicious assortment of thrift-store cookbooks“. If you’ve ever wondered how, following the apocalypse, you will pull off a swanky 60s-style dinner party with only tinned food, you could do better than some of this lot. You might get bored of luncheon meat and baked beans, no matter how cleverly disguised, though…