To cut a long story short: I’m stuck.

I’ve got PHP installed on my 10.2.8 Powerbook; it’s installed to /usr/local/php, as per the default pkg install from Marc Liyanage. I’ve been trying to get PEAR working with it.

The pear executable is in /usr/local/php/bin. I’ve set this up as a path so I can get at it anywhere. The problem is, when I run, say, pear upgrade-all it downloads all the tar.gz files entirely fine, and then terminates with the following error message:

failed to write /usr/local/php/lib/php/Net/.tmpSocket.php

Thing is, Net as a directory has permissions of 755. I’ve also tried doing this with sudo and get a different, but similar, error. What the hell’s going on? I’m completely lost. And that’s why I ask the Lazyweb for help; I don’t know where to turn.